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As your life changes, so do your needs and goals. 
International Broker Services (IBS) product solutions can help you meet those objectives, from life insurance to savings and retirement plans. We keen to provide quality insurance coverage backed by our commitment to service. 
We view every point of contact with you as opportunity to extend our reputation. By listening to you and understanding your needs. We develop an insurance solution that meets or exceed your expectation.

Why IBS?

  • We are widely respected in the insurance and financial markets.

  • We are insurance consultants and not sales people.

  • We respect our client’s privacy and confidentiality.

  • We always to maintain a professional service standard.

  • We experienced enough to provide you with the best solutions.

  • We care about your interest before anything else.

  • We deal with local and International insurance companies to get you the elite type of product that suits your lifestyle.

  • We above all, listen.


  1. Life Insurance , Critical Illness and Savings Plans :

These types of insurance plans are essential for:

  • Family Protection (covers the financial loss in the event of the bread winner’s unexpected death or disability).

  • Tax inheritance (for inheritance tax purposes).

  • Business Protection (Key man and partnership). This type of policy is taken to protect the business owners in the event of the key man or the partner’s early death.

  • Children’s education (pays the university fees).

  • Children’s wedding, new business or early retirement for your child .

  • Personal retirement at the convenient age.

  •  Personal accident (cover accidental death , partial and permanent disability ).

  1. General Insurance :

    • Car

    • Marine

    • Fire Burglary

    • Workmen compensation

    • Jewelry

    • Travel Insurance (covers the client during his time out of his country )

  1. Medical Insurance :

(In Hospital & Out Patient)

    • Individuals or families

    • Groups

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